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Icom MA-500TR AIS transponder (prijamnik i predajnik) klase B

MA-500TR for Non-SOLAS vessels such as pleasure craft, workboats and small vessels.
The AIS transponder automatically transmits AIS vessel traffic information over the air and may be received by AIS equipped vessels or base stations even in “shadow areas” like hidden behind an island or a large vessel.
SOLAS commercial vessels are already obliged to carry an AIS transponder, so your own vessel existence can be known by near-by large vessels.

The MA-500TR increases your safety at sea.
The large full dot-matrix display visually shows real-time AIS information and works independently from a PC or other marine network equipment. (But can be connected).
When connected to a compatible Icom VHF radio, an individual DSC call can be made easily
from the MA-500TR.

Major Selling Points:

  • Class B AIS transponder for Non-SOLAS vessels
  • Full dot-matrix display visually shows real-time vessel traffic information
  • IPX7 waterproof protection for main unit (Except connectors)
  • 3-lines of NMEA0183 Input/Output
  • GPS receiver comes with MA-500TR
  • CPA and TCPA collision-risk management functions
  • Integration with Icom VHF radios (IC-M603 and IC-M505 new firmware version required)

Class B AIS transponder
Own vessel information automatically transmitted in 30 seconds or 3 minutes intervals at 2W output power depending on the movement/speed of the vessel.
The MA-500TR receives dual AIS channels (Ch. 87B and Ch. 88B) simultaneously and receives both Class A and Class B AIS information.
The transmitted Class B AIS information is more simplified than the Class A AIS information.
Transmitted information with MA-500TR
- Static data
• MMSI code • Vessel name • Call sign • Type of ship • GPS antenna position
- Dynamic data
• Ship´s position • SOG (Speed over ground) • COG (Course over ground) • UTC date and time
• GPS antenna type (Internal/external) • PA (Position Accuracy)

Simple operation
The MA-500TR has three basic display types: Plotter, Target list and Danger list.
The “Display mode” button allows you to toggle between these display types.
In addition to these display types, the detail screen shows information about the selected
AIS target.
• The plotter display looks like a marine radar display. The display supports north-up and courseup and range zoom from 0.125 NM to 24 NM.
• The target list display shows all detected AIS equipped vessels and targets.
• The Danger list display shows a list of vessels which are within 6 NM CPA and 60 minutes TCPA from your vessel. The Danger list can be sorted by CPA or TCPA order by cursor keys.

CPA and TCPA for collision-risk management
The CPA (Closest Point of Approach) and TCPA (Time to CPA) alert you when a vessel is within the pre-set distance (from 0.1 NM to 6.0 NM) and time to come into the CPA range (from 1 minute to 60 minutes).
When a vessel comes into the CPA and TCPA range, the vessel icon (Δ) blinks on the plotter display and emits a beep sound.
When connected to an external audio equipment installed on the deck or tower, the collision alarm function alerts you even when you are away from the AIS transponder.

Individual DSC call
When connected to a compatible Icom VHF radio

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