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Icom IC-9100 HF/VHF/UHF radioamaterska radijska postaja bazna

The IC-9100 contains years of advanced Icom technology in a compact, all-in-one HF/VHF/UHF transceiver.
This radio covers most ham
bands and modes, and provides a wide variety of operating styles.

Whether you’re working DX QSO, RTTY, D-STAR DV, satellite, or even moonbounce, Icom’s years of technological experience is working right along with you.
The IC-9100H’s double conversion super-heterodyne system with an image rejection mixer reduces intermodulation distortion.
Icom’s IF DSP technologies offer a host of digital features to guard against QRM and QRN, no matter which band you choose to explore.

Multi-band, dual independent receiver
The IC-9100 covers 100W on HF, 50MHz and 144MHz, 75W on 430/440MHz bands and 10W on the 1200MHz band, for the 1200Mhz band the optional UX-9100 1200MHz band unit is required.
The radio simultaneously receives two different bands (1. HF/50MHz + VHF/UHF, 2. VHF + UHF, 3. 430/440MHz + 1200MHz) and works
as if there are two independent receivers in one radio.
For example, you can arrange a 7MHz schedule QSO using a D-STAR repeater on VHF/UHF band, while watching 7MHz band activity using the simple band scope.
32-bit DSP & double conversion superheterodyne
Much like the technology in Icom’s high-end HF radios, Icom has used a double conversion superheterodyne system and an image rejection mixer in the IC-9100’s HF to 430/440MHz bands. Each main and sub-receiver has a dedicated DSP unit providing fl exible digital IF fi lters, AGC time constant, twin PBT, manual and auto notch fi lter, noise reduction, noise blanker, etc.
Optional 1st IF fi lters for HF/50MHz bands
The IC-9100 comes with a built-in 15kHz 1st IF (roofing) fi lter and can accept up to two optional fi lters (3kHz FL-431 and 6kHz
FL-430) in front of the 1st IF amplifi er stage. The 3kHz fi lter is
especially effective in CW and SSB modes to eliminate overloading
caused by strong signals just outside the passband.
Optional D-STAR DV mode
(Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio)
A world first HF digital voice communications for amateur radio!
Work D-STAR DV mode in the IC-9100 by adding the optional
D-STAR module. The DV mode is available in 28MHz and 50MHz bands simplex mode as well as in VHF and UHF bands. 28MHz or 50MHz DX operation using DV mode will give you a new fun.
In addition, the D-STAR repeater (DR) mode operation makes it easy to access D-STAR repeaters.

USB connector for PC control
Modulator, received audio, RTTY demodulator, DV mode data can be transferred over the USB cable. By using appropriate 3rd party software, you can control as well as operate many of the digital modes via the single USB connection. Using the CI-V data format, the IC-9100 can be controlled by a PC through a USB or CT-17 level converter.

GPS position reporting functions
The IC-9100 has a GPS button on the front panel. Your position data is shown on the display and can be sent to other stations in DV mode (Optional UT-121 D-STAR unit required.
External GPS receiver can be connected via data 1 connector. Also, position data can be entered manually). When a calling station transmitting GPS data via DV mode is received,
the IC-9100 displays the distance and direction to the station. GPS A mode is supported.

Satellite mode operation
The satellite mode synchronizes the uplink (transmitting) and downlink (receiving) frequencies
and shifts the frequencies in the same tuning step. 20 alphanumeric satellite memory channels
store frequencies, operating mode and tone settings for quick setting.

Optional CS-9100 programming software
When used with the optional CS-9100 programming software, alphanumeric memory channels, callsigns, filter widths and AGC settings can be easily made from a PC via USB cable connection. Share your memory channels info and radio settings.

RTTY demodulator and decoder
The built-in RTTY demodulator and decoder allow you to read an RTTY message on the air instantly. No external units or PC required.

Optional 1200MHz band unit
By installing the optional UX-9100 1200MHz band unit, the IC-9100 extends the coverage to the 1200MHz band. You can also enjoy L/V or L/U mode satellite operation.

And more....

  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner for HF and 50MHz bands
  • Band edge beep function
  • Built-in voice synthesizer announces operating frequency, mode and S-meter level
  • Electronic keyer jack on the front panel
  • 4 channel CW mode memory keyer
  • VSC (Voice Squelch Control) function
  • Multi function meter shows signal strength, output power, SWR, ALC and compression level
  • Main and sub-receiver external speaker connectors

Frequency coverage:

0.030 ~ 60.000 MHz

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